Copyright (C) 2008-2012
                          By Rudolph R. Loew

The following Programs have been tested and used in-house, but may not have
Demo Versions or detailed Manuals. Automated Installers may or may not be
available for these Programs. Purchasers will get updates and any Offical
Releases at no charge. Products showing sufficient interest will be packaged
for Public Release. Please contact Author for further details on these

RAMDSK32        $10 + $1 S&H

Windows 9X compatable RAMDISK that does not use XMS Memory.
Maximum size not limited to 700MB as are standard RAM Disks.

RAMDSK64        $10 + $1 S&H

Windows 9X compatable RAMDISK that uses 64 Bit Memory not accessible to DOS
or Windows in systems with 4GB or more of RAM.
Maximum size not limited to 700MB as are standard RAM Disks.

RFDISK          $20 + $1 S&H

Disk Partitioning tool for Power Users.
Includes a Multi-Boot setup with separate Partition Profiles.

RFORMAT         $10 + $1 S&H

Partition Formatting tool for Power Users.
Full control over Partition Parameters. Can refresh Boot Sectors without
losing data. Supports Large Sectors and 256 and 512 Sectors/Cluster Patches.

XFILE           $20 + $1 S&H

The R. Loew Electronics Command Line File Manager Utility provides the
ability to List, Copy, Move, Exchange, Delete or perform Scripts on Files
with advanced Wildcards and numerous Selection Options including New,
Changed, Larger, Text etc. Can copy to/from Flat Directories, Third
Directories or Multiple Drives.

CDTOOLS         $20 + $1 S&H

The R. Loew Electronics Command Line CD/DVD/BD Tools Package contains
Programs for Reading and Writing CD, DVD, and/or Blu-Ray Disks. These Tools
can handle an Unlimited number of Files and Directories. Advanced Options
for creating Bootable Disks. These tools are written for use with Windows 98,
98SE, ME, and XP with ASPI.

DLLHOOK         $10 + $1 S&H

The DLLHOOK Program redirects API references to alternate DLLs and/or
Function Names. This allows Programs written for other Versions of Windows to
reach APIs that might be in different DLLs than in Windows 9X or to added
support DLLs or stub DLLs. A VXD Version is available where System Code needs
to be redirected as well. This Version is compatable with KernelEx Version
4.5.2 and can extend it's capabilities.

SATA            $10 + $1 S&H

Patch and INF File to provide support for Motherboard Chipset based SATA
This File is not for use with separate SATA Motherboard Controllers or SATA
Cards. Does not support RAID or AHCI.
Contact Author for SATA Card Support and Compatability Testing Program.

MEMORY64        $20 + $1 S&H

SDK to support 64-Bit RAM.
This Package allows Programmers to Allocate and use 64-Bit RAM in their
Programs. Single Programs are limited to 2GB but multiple Programs can access
up to 1024GB of RAM simultaneously. Compatable with MULTCORE Multiple Core
Package below.

MULTCORE        $20 + $1 S&H

SDK to support Multiple Cores.
This Package allows Programmers to Allocate and use All Available Cores to
run concurrent Threads within their Programs. Control and InterProcessor
Subroutines are provided. Compatable with MEMORY64 64-Bit RAM Package above.
A Demonstration Package is now available for Downloading.

FILE64          $20 + $1 S&H

Large File Emulator API Hook for Windows 98.
This Package intercepts User Mode FileSystem API requests so that a set of
smaller Files will appear as a single large File. This allows Programs to
Create Files that are larger than 4GiB. These Files can then be Read or
Modified by other Programs. Downloading and Playing or Archiving Blu-Ray
Videos or Images are examples of what can be done with this Package.

1TB             $10 + $1 S&H

Patch to support Partitions larger than 1TB.

TIMEZONE        $5 + $1 S&H

Registry Update to support Current Daylight Savings Time Settings.

The following are Free Programs provided by Rudolph R. Loew.
Distribution and/or Linking to these Files directly is Prohibited.

USB             FREE

Generic, Lexar based, USB Mass Storage Driver for Windows 98 SE.
Windows 98 RTM has a flaw causing occasional corruption of IDE as well as USB
Drives, when transferring data, so use of USB Drives in Windows 98 RTM is not
Unzip files and point the Hardware Installer to them when prompted for a
driver during installation.

CDFS            FREE

Patch to correctly support the Size of Disks larger than 2GB.

UDF             FREE

Driver to support UDF on CD/DVD Disks in Windows 95.


Decompressor for IO.SYS Version 8 (Windows ME).

KERNEL32        FREE

Patch for 2GiB Seek Bug in KERNEL32.DLL (replaces COPY2GB Fix).

CAUTION - This Patch has been reported to break poorly written applications
          that depended on the Unpatched behavior. See the README.TXT file
          for more details.


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